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Or do you have handmade products to sell, unique products to resell or personalised products to sell? Or do you have pre-loved items you want to sell?

Reach 1000's of Parents in the Harrogate Area

Buy and Sell your Items through our marketplace, Sellers can drop off items at Kidzplay, Buyers collect from Kidzplay - No more waiting in for people to collect or visiting strangers homes to pick up your items you have bought!!

How it Works

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Simply complete the sign up form to become a registered Seller on the Kidzplay Website.

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Easily add all your items to the website, it is easy to sell items that need to be booked like classes or parties and you can sell products or your pre-loved items

Collect Your Money

Product Sold

Once your product is sold your money will be transferred and you drop the item to Kidzplay to be picked up at your convenience

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Fees Work?

Joining and starting a shop on Kidzplay is free. We only take a 10% Commission when the Item is sold, and you can list your product until it is sold!

What Do I Need To Create A Shop?

It's easy to set up a shop on Kidzplay. Enter your details on the form below, start listing your products and you are good to go!!

Your Venue Or Ours?

 Your product or class doesn't have to be sold at our venue, just be relevant for our customers. The more choice we can give our customers the better.

What Do I have To Worry About?

Nothing. Simply complete the vendor form, set up your products with lots of pictures and texts, set up the availability if you sell a service (this is where you need to communicate booking times for customers) and your done. We take care of everything else

How Do I get Paid?

You get paid when the customer pays us. We pay the purchase price less the agreed commission over to you via paypal as soon as the customer pays us. So you don't need a transactional website , we take paypal, cash, apple pay, credit cards and people can pay in Kidzplay too!!

Where do you promote my products?

You will be able to see your products on our website and via the Kidzplay APP (you can download this from the play store or itunes) We will include you in the emails we send out and the newsletters too.

What Can I Sell?

Anything that will interest our parents!

From your pre-loved items , to kids classes , to party items, to toys and games, to birthday gifts, the list is endless. We can even sell tickets for your fundraisers on your behalf! There is no limit to the number of items you want to list too

Is there a Catch?

 Nope, we just charge a commission (agreed between us before you start advertising) if a customer chooses to buy from you via our site. Obviously we are hoping you will promote your shopping links through facebook, and look forward to a mutually beneficial working relationship going forward