Kidzplay Create Party – Baking


Kidzplay Create – Baking Parties

Enjoy the experience of a baking party. Children will be encouraged to explore and develop as they bake something that can be shared with others. The children will join in with the making, measuring and mixing of the ingredients, before dividing the mixed ingredients to create their own baking. Each party is tailor made to the birthday child and their friends. With a main baking activity followed by a create making activity with food (involving chopping, mashing and mixing). All creations will be able to be taken home after the party to be shared with their families.

What is a Kidzplay Create – Baking Party?

Join in making, mixing and baking. With flour, fun and food creations for all. You might be put off trying baking at home, or even for a party but all the normal preparation and mess will be in Kidzplay with our party team.

The children will be lead through the activities as they experience baking and creating.

The party session includes 45 minutes of baking, tasting and creating. With the children following a recipe and mixing, measuring and chopping ingredients to make various types of food. You can choose from the baking below to select the theme for the party. Once cooked the finished items will be ready to take home after the party is complete!

Choose your theme?

Choose the baking you would like to make and then we add creative food creations around it for the party.

Cake bun creations

Learn to measure, mix and bake, cake buns to share with your friends. Follow the recipe, mix the ingredients and bake the cakes. Take home at the end of the party to share.

From £18.95 per child

(Min 10 kids)


Pizza making

Learn to make the dough for your very own pizza, then chop and prepared the ingredients for the topping. Take home with you at the end of the party to enjoy.

From £18.95 per child

(Min 10 kids)

Smarties Cookies

Mix and break up the smarties, mix and measure the ingredients and experience the pleasure of baking for yourself. With tasty cookies to take home at the end of the party!

From £18.95 per child

(Min 10 kids)



Enjoy making something a little different with our scones. Cover your fingers in mix and make the perfect scone, both savoury and sweet! Measure and mix the ingredients and learn how to make a scone for a teatime treat! Take them home at the end of the party to enjoy with Jam!

From £18.95 per child

(Min 10 kids)

What’s Included in a Kidzplay Create – Baking Party?

A 45 minute session with the Kidzplay Create team

2 Hour party with invites for every child

Includes a traditional cold party tea buffet – sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls, fruit, salad sticks and an ice cream dessert. You can upgrade the food choice to the mixed buffet or a hot buffet

Happy Birthday Tableware

Party Sweet Tubs

Cordial for the children for the duration of the party

You can totally customise your party by selecting the extras you would like with your soft play party

Kidzplay Create Parties

Each party also includes soft play and an amazing Kidzplay cold buffet, so all you need to do is bring the cake!

Remember: there are only two weekends either side of your child’s birthday and if you want a particular time – only 2 available time slots. Don’t be disappointed – Book early to get what you want

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Kidzplay Create Party – Baking

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