Kidzplay Create – Preschool Making Classes

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Kidzplay Create Preschool Making Class

What Your Child Will Achieve

Help your child to discover their creativity through art. To express their creativity, explore with paint, discover through marking and drawing and experiment through sticking and cutting. Art develops physical skills, engages children’s senses and supports cognitive, social and multi-sensory skills.
Each session includes a making, sticking and painting activity on a theme. With all materials provided to create your masterpiece. Developing early years foundation skills, fine motor skills and concentration. Children are encouraged to work at their own pace with the support of their parent / carers.

Kidzplay Create Making Classes

Help your child to discover new skills through baking, allowing them to explore and develop as they bake something that can be shared with others. You and your child will share in making, measuring and mixing together, before dividing the mixed ingredients to create their own baking. Each session includes one activity which will involve baking and one activity which will involve creating. Each week will alternate between both savoury and sweet food groups. With an emphasis being placed on healthy eating from an early age. We will also focus on hand washing, preparing the table and eating together!

All Classes include a FREE Visit to Kidzplay

Kidzplay Create Making Classes are Suitable For

Ages: Suitable for 18 months upwards

Wednesdays and Fridays  the class is 40 minutes long

How to book the Kidzplay Create Making Classes

You can pay as you go, simply come to Kidzplay when you want to do the class. Or you can book a week in advance using this booking form, or if you want to secure your place over a half term – simply purchase a class pass and you can book in for the number of classes you purchase the class for. The Kidzplay Class Pass can be used for any class held at Kidzplay, not just the baking  Class so is great value for money.

Each time you visit a class you can also play afterwards at Kidzplay, or you can become a member and visit as often as you want and receive 15% off all the classes and the class pass too!

Where the Kidzplay Create Making Classes are

Kidzplay Harrogate Beech Ave Harrogate HG2 8DS

Teacher: Karen Allen

Kidzplay Create Making Classes Pricing

Pay as you go, book 1 class in advance – £6.95, Second child half price. All classes at Kidzplay include a free play in Kidzplay after the class

Save Money and Book in advance:

Kidzplay members receive 15% off all classes at Kidzplay – Check Out Our Memberships Here

Alternatively buy a Kidzplay Create Weekly Membership and receive unlimited entry into Kidzplay, all the membership discount benefits and you can attend any number of Kidzplay Create Classes Too

Kidzplay Create Weekly Memberships

Kidzplay Create Monthly Memberships

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Contact Karen Direct

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07811 450828

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Creative painting, sticking and making classes for preschoolers.

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