Fun with French for preschoolers class

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Fun with French Preschooler Classes – are Thursdays at Kidzplay Harrogate, You can book the classes you need or you can purchase a Class Pass  – Click Here for the Class Pass Information

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Fun with French for Pre Schoolers Class

Fun French for pre school age children, approx. age 2.5-4. Children learn language through playing games and singing songs. Classes include many different activities each week with the use of puppets, board games and craft activities.

All Classes include a FREE Visit to Kidzplay.  TERM Time only.

Fun with French Classes Suitable For

Ages: Suitable for Children between 2.5 to 4 years

Fun with French Class Times

Thursdays 1.45-2:15PM the class is 30 minutes long

How to book the Fun with French class

You can pay as you go, simply come to Kidzplay when you want to do the class. Or you can book a week in advance using this booking form, or if you want to secure your place over a half term – simply purchase a class pass and you can book in for the number of classes you purchase the class for. The Kidzplay Class Pass can be used for any class held at Kidzplay, not just |Fun with French Class so is great value for money.

Each time you visit a class you can also play afterwards at Kidzplay, or you can become a member and visit as often as you want and receive 15% off all the classes and the class pass too!

Where the Fun with French preschooler Classes are

Kidzplay Harrogate Beech Ave Harrogate HG2 8DS

Teacher: Angela Thompson

Benefits of the class

For years it was thought that teaching foreign languages to children as young as three was futile. Research findings indicate quite the opposite.

There are incredible psychological benefits of learning another language. These benefits extend way beyond being able to order a cup of tea abroad.

Longitudinal studies by Harvard University confirm that learning additional languages increases critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility of the mind in young children.

Pupils who learn a foreign language outscore their non-foreign language learning peers in verbal and maths standardised tests, indicating that learning additional language is a cognitive activity not just a linguistic one.

His study provides an important first step in understanding the impact of learning a second language and the ageing brain. This research paves the way for future causal studies of bilingualism and cognitive decline prevention.

But why should learning another language be started at such a young age?

Simply, the younger the learner, the better they are at mimicking new sounds and adopting pronunciation. The brain is open to new sounds and patterns in preadolescence.

At this age, young children have time to learn through play-like activities. Language lessons can be informal and children’s minds are not yet cluttered with facts to be stored and tested. Before children become self- conscious they can try out their newly acquired languages without fear of embarrassment.

Children who grow up learning about languages develop empathy for others and a curiosity for different cultures and ideas; prepared to take their place in a global society. Furthermore, in later years, career opportunities increase for those with additional languages to offer.

Start your little one learning French Today

Fun With French Preschooler Classes – 2+ years Pricing

Pay as you go, book 1 class in advance – £5, All classes at Kidzplay include a free play in Kidzplay after the class. Have more than 1 child wanting to do the class? The second child is half price

Save Money and Book in advance:

Kidzplay members receive 15% off all classes at Kidzplay – Check Out Our Memberships Here

Buy a Class Pass and use it for any classes at Kidzplay Harrogate – You can secure your place and still try different classes to see which class suits you best:

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