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Traditional Fun & Games parties from Kidzplay.


Kidzplay Traditional Fun and Games Parties

Kidzplay present a Traditional Party experience with one of our trained party hosts looking after your child and their guests with great fun and games for everyone to enjoy. Enjoy fun traditional Party Games in a safe environment with great home cooked food. If your birthday child would prefer we can also turn the disco lights on and have a dance to their favorite tunes, just let us know the tunes they like and we’ll put them on.

£14.95 per child Weekends
(Min 12 kids)

What’s Included in a Kidzplay Fun and Games Party

2 hour party with invites for every child
Includes a traditional cold party tea buffet – sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls, fruit, salad sticks and an ice cream dessert.
You can upgrade the food choice to the mixed buffet or a hot buffet
Includes traditional party games, you can add additional entertainment choices including having a mini disco party.
Includes Party Sweet Pots.
Happy Birthday Tableware.
Cordial for the children for the duration of the party
You can totally customise your party by selecting the extras you would like with your party

How the Traditional Fun and Games party works

The parties are for 2 hours and combine playing in our indoor adventure play grounds with the exclusive use of our private party rooms for the all important party tea, fun and games and cake ceremony!

For an all inclusive totally stress free party:
A large adventure playground for all the children to revel in.
Traditional Fun and Games with one of our Kidzplay Party Hosts to make your party truly special.
Invitations already printed with all the directions and sent to you
Fantastic bespoke party bags that are created for the age and gender of the child who that attends the party
Fully updated online booking system so you can book whenever you want and once booked you add your guest list along with any allergy information
All the food is freshly prepared and sourced from local producers where possible
Very Local Centres so easy for your guests to get to
Centres with lots crammed in – means you can see all your guests at all times
We don’t charge for brothers and sisters of guests to come into the centre with their parents however please note they cannot join in the activities and can only be catered for with food & party bags at extra cost.

Fun and Games Party Food Options Available

Included in your traditional Fun & Games party:

Cold Party Tea

Comprises of: A Selection of Sandwiches, Salad Sticks, Fruit, Crisps, Sausages and Sausage Rolls, Ice Cream and Treats. Drinks: Cordial for the children

Mixed Party Tea – £1.75 per child extra

Comprises of: A Selection of Sandwiches, Chicken Nuggets, Pizza, Chips Tomato Ketchup, Salad Sticks, Fruit, Sausages and Sausage Rolls, Ice Cream and Treats. Drinks – Cordial for the children

Hot Party Tea – £2.75 per child extra

Comprises of: Fish Fingers, Chicken Nuggets, Pizza, Chips Tomato Ketchup, Salad Sticks, Fruit, Sausages and Sausage Rolls, Ice Cream and Treats. Drinks – cordial for the children







Best times to Book

Avoid lunchtime if you can

The quietest time is as we open at 10am, this is great for little ones because you can reserve the under 2’s area, and big ones can run riot with the extra space.

Saturdays are busier than Sundays

The most popular time is 11AM , Eat at 12PM for a party. If you want this time you will need to book early – There are only two slots available either side of your child’s birthday!

Want a Large Party?

Want a birthday party of 20 or more? Consider an Exclusive – they are great value during the week!
Click Here To Find Out More About An Exclusive

Can’t Decide the Party Menu to Choose?

We recommend the cold party tea for under 3’s – its more finger food
For over 3’s the mixed buffet is great – a combination of Sandwiches, Chips and Chicken Nuggets. However Older ones around Lunchtime or Teatime appreciate the large Hot Food Buffet

Remember: There are only two weekends either side of your child’s birthday and if you want a particular time – only 2 available time slots. Don’t be disappointed – Book early to get what you want

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Traditional Fun and Games Party

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We are sorry, the party is not available but we do have other parties you can try. Check out our alternative parties here:

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What food would you like served at your party. The price includes a traditional cold birthday tea. You can select hot food if you like.

We serve Orange or Blackcurrant Robinsons Cordial to all your guests,
Would you like any additional special drinks (extras charged per child)

Would you like to collect the invitations or we can post them out.

Every party guest gets a sweet cone,
We can make an age and gender specific party bag for your guests.
(extras charged per child)

Would you like to provide drinks for the adults who attend your party

Treat the Adults Staying at the Party Too (price per platter)

Pay a deposit of £50.00 per item