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Kidzplay Harrogate is a friendly welcoming place to socialise or just simply for your little one to let off steam on a rainy day!

To enjoy Kidzplay to the full join us with a Kidzplay Membership.  Take a look at the membership that will suit you best

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Kidzplay Membership is great, you can visit as often as you want, for as long as you want. It means Kidzplay becomes a community, rather than somewhere to go on a rainy day. And because it is so easy to socialise in Kidzplay because you can see your child at all times, you can easily meet friends or make new ones. The membership just runs and runs, you are totally in control, you can cancel it whenever you want, there are no sign up periods or lengthy terms. You simply go to your account on the website and cancel. Join Us Today

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4 Reasons to Visit Us

Let’s face it, keeping young children occupied on a rainy day can be hard work! A few hours in a stimulating, safe, clean soft play area can make all the difference when your kids need to burn off some energy on a cold or rainy day. Here are my reasons for visiting Kidzplay Today

Space to Play

No-one likes being cooped up inside, least of all a fractious toddler. Visiting us gives them room and others to play and socialise with. They will have great fun running, swinging, jumping, catching, sliding, shouting and generally being themselves in an environment totally built for them! At Kidzplay there are climbing frames, slides, ball pools, football courts, dance areas and rideons with dedicated baby areas too!!

Visit Friends

We have all been in the situation where you have met up with a friend, your child is not playing and will not still still and you feel the burning glare from the other adults in the place that you and your child are simply not welcome.

We are built for kids so they can go off and independently play giving you time to catch up with the adult world. At Kidzplay all the centres are relatively small and you can see your child at all times meaning you can sit without worrying where they are all the time.

Exercise in Disguise

Who would have thought playing in a softplay centre would contribute to a child’s daily exercise needs?

Research conducted recently showed that in a two hour play session at an indoor play centre children took on average between 6,000 and 8,000 steps (the recommended daily amounts are 12,000 steps a day for a girl and 15,000 steps a day for a boy) which is an astonishing figure. So a lot of calories would be being burnt.


Homecooked Food

At Kidzplay you will find homecooked, healthy food for you and your preschooler to enjoy. The cafe area will have ample highchairs , a kids portion of food and will deal with any allergies / food requirements your child has. At Kidzplay we only use butchers meat and prepare everything ourselves so we know there is no added salt or sugar.