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Pre-schoolers Early


How It Works

Simply choose the class you would like to attend. Book the date you want to attend the class, and thats it. There are no termly fees, no contracts no hassle, just book the class you want today.

* Classes are Free with a Full Price Kidzplay Entry

Step 1

Select the class

Take a look at all the classes. There is no restriction on the number of classes and you can mix and match the classes as you please. you are not tied into a class for a term

Step 2

Book the Class Online

By far the easiest way to sign up for a class is to just book it online. Simply select the date you want to attend, pay for the class there and then and come to the centre on that date for the class

Step 3

Come to the Class

You will be able to see the classes booked if you login to My Account.  The centre staff will know you have booked in and will check your attendance against the class list. Enjoy x

Our Class Timetables

We know you'll have a wonderful time at all our classes. To book just click on the Class you would like to book


Monday @ 9:15am


Tuesday @ 9:30

Tuesday @ 10am

Tuesday @ 10:15

Tuesday @ 11am


Wednesday @ 9:30am

Wednesday from 9:45am

Wednesday @ 10:15am

Wednesday @ 11am

Wednesday @ 1pm

Wednesday 1:45pm

Wednesday @ 3:55pm Beginners

Wednesday @ 4:40pm Advanced


Thursday @ 11am

Thursday @ 1:45pm


Friday @ 9:15am

Friday @ 9:30am

Friday @ 10:15am

Friday @ 11am

Friday @ 11:45


The Classes are great for You too!!

Your Little One will really enjoy the classes that are jam packed with learning opportunities as well as encouraging motor skills, physicality and simply preparing them for school. The classes are fantastic for you too, you get to socialise with other parents and watch your child accomplish a new skill every week. You can Pre-Book classes well into the future too, so you are always with your friends in the class. Take a look at the classes today.