2 Weeks Free Trial for Kidzplay Members at F45 Gym


Sunwin House, F45 Harrogate, Albert St, Harrogate HG1 1JX

01423 560061

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Free 2-week trial (usually £25.00). To get access to the free version of the 2-week trial, initial booking must be done via the manager (Tom Bindloss) either in person at the studio, over the phone on 07900911846 / (01423) 560061 or via email on [email protected], quoting "KIDZPLAY" as your reference and be able to show a Kidzplay membership card . Trialists will need to already have or create a new free MindBody account to book classes on line or via the free F45 Training app.

F45 Harrogate

Finding time for yourself, for a work out can be extremely difficult when you’ve got kids but did you know that there is a new 9:15am F45 class to suit parents straight after school drop off?

Can you hear that?
The alarm to start another morning of rushing about to get the kids up-and-ready…
…and before you know it you’re out of the door and en-route for the school drop off!

The fact is, being a parent will always be a full-time job and the longest one you’ll ever have. During that time, you will do anything to ensure your kids are as fit and healthy as possible, right?
But what about YOU? Looking after your health and your well-being should be a priority too.

  • Do you find that you neglect yourself in terms of health and fitness and are truly wanting to change that?
    ·      Don’t fancy the gym because it’s either too busy or you’re not sure what to do when you’re there?
    ·      Or are there no fitness classes on at a time that suits you?

Here at F45 Harrogate we understand and have something special that will put all these concerns to rest!

So what is F45?
F45 is the ultimate high-intensity, group training concept from Australia and is currently taking the world by storm. Each workout is designed to provide a functional, results-driven, full-body workout, and is only 45 minutes long. Which means parents like you can come in after the school drop, sweat it out and be ready to face the rest of the day by 10am.

The workouts follow a circuit like method so expect to find yourself immersed in a body weight circuit or with free weights and other equipment thrown in for good measure.

The timings and movements of each workout are simple to follow but should you get lost, we have TV screens that will help guide you through each exercise. You will also have your very own experienced Personal Trainers to make sure you’re on the right track too!

What’s more, you will find that every day every workout is fresh and different – We want you to be excited to find out what we have in store for you. We structure each week in the following way:

Cardio biased: Monday / Wednesday / Friday
All about that heart rate and burning those calories – You will burn upwards of 500kcals in these sessions!
·      Resistance biased: Tuesday / Thursday
All about building strength and toning your body using a variety of free weights and bodyweight movements.
·      Saturday is our favourite day of the week which offers a mix of cardio and resistance!

So there really is something for everyone.

You may be a complete beginner or more experienced, be a mum or a dad, regardless, you will be part of our “no ego” zone which means everyone gives their best according to current ability…we guarantee this will improve in no time!

At the end of every workout you’ll feel part of a team that has worked out just as hard as each other and will have just enough energy to share a victory high-five with the other friendly members and our Personal Trainers! Our Personal Trainers will be with you every step of the way to ensure your workout is both safe and get the best out of you. You’re in very good hands with us at F45 Harrogate! Sound good?

We know time is of the essence for you and we’ve listened to the requests of our superstar parent members. As a result, we now have a 9:15am class, Monday to Friday, to blend nicely with the school drop off.
The next step for you would be to come and get involved – We’d love to meet you.