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Welcome to the Harrogate
Martial Arts & Leadership Academy

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Power Up with AEGIS Martial Arts

Martial Arts Courses for Adults, Children & Families

 Our martial arts programs will get you fit,
strong and confident – in just a few weeks.

The Classes:

Ninja Tots

Ages 2 to 6

This programme introduces your little one to socialisation,
self-help, thinking, motor and language skills.

As well as teaching Courtesy and Respect to encourage your little one
to always do as they are asked first time, every time, this course also
underlines the importance of treating others how you want to be treated,
whilst delivering the basic motor skills of martial arts.

Children’s Classes

Ages 6 to 12

The AEGIS Martial Arts and Leadership System encourages self discipline and confidence in children.

With a focus on fun and physical activity our programme helps children to become positive individuals that understand the importance of being leaders not followers.

Our children’s classes also include Stranger Danger & Bully Busting strategies for inside and outside school.

Family Classes

Ideal for Families

We encourage and instil confidence and self-discipline in children and parents alike.

We teach you how to become a leader and not a follower. Whilst the kids are having fun, learning the AEGIS Martial Arts System, parents are getting fitter, stronger, reducing stress and all are learning real life and leadership skills.

Our classes also include Bully Busting strategies for school and the workplace.

“Families who kick together, stick together.”

Adult Classes

Ideal for Men & Women

After just a few short weeks you’ll find yourself getting fitter, stronger and developing an outstanding positive attitude.

You’ll gain self-defence skills whilst increasing your confidence and reducing your stress levels. At the same time you will be setting and achieving goals.

Furthermore, you’ll build long lasting friendships with like-minded people and together you’ll take the life changing journey towards black belt leadership and beyond.